Artwork completed by Don Matteson

Thomas Molesworth was a renowned American furniture designer and manufacturer who was known for his distinctive Western-style furniture, including chandeliers. His work was characterized by clean lines, a focus on natural materials, and a creative use of metal, leather, and rawhide.  Below is a Chandelier designed by Thomas Molesworth called “The Buffalo Hunt”   I can reproduce this Chandelier in any size

I started with AutoCad 11 in 1989, then I learned AutoCad 14 and 3d studio Max. Today I use Blender, Autocad, Rhino and Photoshop.   I have always loved to do artwork and do fabrication work.  I like to build things and design things.  When I build it in 3d first I can work through all the issues before it is built and I can make it as easy as possible for the fabricators to build from my plans. I print out actual size plans for the fabrication work.  It makes it  less stressful to build from actual size plans. It assures me that I am cutting things the right size and reduces chances of waste and costly mistakes.  Actual size plans reduce the time needed to understand the plans.   Also once it is built in 3d, making it any size after that is not a problem.  I hope to work with craftsmen who want to see 3d or photoshop previews of their ideas.  I hope to be a part of your fabrication process. If you want to learn 3d CAD I have www.donscomputers.com I will configure a 3d Cad system for you and help you get going with 3d modeling and photoshop.  Blender is AWESOME ! and the way to go if you have a CNC plasma cutter. I am looking for Crafts persons who wish to also personally use computers and 3d modeling for their work.  Blender is awesome because its open source software and does not require you to use the cloud or be online, AND it can make CNC cut files with the right addons.