Wyoming Creations    Currently I  do contract Photoshop and 3d design work.  I like the old west traditions and  I enjoy helping people create custom furniture and lighting.    

Jackson Signs  Jackson Hole, WY   Where I learned all the trade secrets to make Sand blasted signs like these

Jackson Temp Services   Jackson Hole, WY 
I used my color and grain matching skills to completely hide all damages to the wood finishes  during the construction of the four seasons resort  including the circulation hall ballroom pre-function and cottonwood ball room.   

Tiger Trucks       Dallas, TX  
I created a website for Tigertucks  where used Photoshop to display the different options for mini trucks. 

Native american and cowboy portraits on deerskin   Cody Wyoming  –   Three Rivers, TX  
Created under paintings with Photoshop, transferred large format images to leather and painted them.   

The Frame House    Cody, WY 
A family owned business from 1977 – 2008  I was born in 1966 –  Our frame shop was in the basement of our House near the Olive Glen Golf Course in Cody Wyoming.    At age 10  I was cutting Matts, Spraying Masonite Boards with Gesso for artists and making pictures frames.   My mother, Deanna “d” Matteson  Who painted “Mark Soldier Wolf”     and many other artists gave me lessons  about layout, leading the eye,  climatic points,  the use of hue saturation and values, lost and found lines.  A good layout so important.   I met many Well known artists like James Bama, Harry Jackson,  George D Smith  and Carrie Ballantyne   who worked for our picture frame shop for many years.  I would try to start conversations about artwork with our picture framing clients when I was just very young and also when I was in my 30s when I worked full time as a picture framer.     I did not learn to see Values and light in a way that I could paint from them until I was in my 20s.     I also used a large format printer to make art reproductions while working at “The Frame House”

The Boeing Company     Seattle, WA 
Setup and troubleshooting for Computer Networks; Workstations, file servers, print servers and gateways.    

G.E. Computer Services         Kent, WA  
Computer Repair for Beoing company fulfilling G.E.’s contract with Boeing to repair computers.Computerland  Cody, WY   
This was another family owned business that I was involved in and worked for.   

Computerland Our family started the smallest computerland store in the USA here in Cody Wyoming.   I helped with its setup and worked for my father.  This was where I started learning about computers in 1989 back when a large hard drive was 20 megabytes.   My basic interest was how I can use computers for artwork.   I was interested in CAD programs Like Autocad and Adobe Photoshop 

Other Interests  Through it all I have taken interest in Martial Arts Tia Chi and Dance.  I especially love to Dance freestyle.  In Dallas on WED drum jam night was a no miss !  My body craves a sound system that is too big for my neighborhood.  Vibration base tones bring joy to my muscles and nerves.  Some days are stressful and my body is tight and I need the jolt of a great sound system to take over.  I have built many multi Amp systems combining any amplifiers I can get my hands on.  I have put together many sound systems and I have in mind a system that can be physically tuned to its environment.   The other thing my body craves is acceleration ! and for that I have in mind a vehicle that I am looking to try to get a patent on.  I am in the process of building it in 3d and when its completed I will try to get investors after the patent is submitted.   So I have TWO projects that I wish to complete that I have been thinking on for a very long time.  My other distraction is this: Excel, Quikbooks and 3d Blender.  The three could work together to show what numbers are doing over time and it could be set up to show visual predictions.  I am  often on the verge of giving this a shot.  Python was used to write Blender and Blender is open source. But for now my programing area of study in python is narrowed down to recording and playback of my actions.  

The Chair below was hand painted by Don Matteson

The chair below was painted by me but I was not responsible for the layout !​

We designed this print below when I worked full time at “The Frame House”