The Native American Dancers are the most beautiful thing ever.   Their culture was a very beautiful thing.  We were all hunters and warriors and gatherers before the wheat revolution about 10,000 years ago.    For a hundreds of thousands of years or more we whites had lived our lives much like the Native Americans did.  I wonder if our way of life was torn from us abruptly and condemned in much the same way.  My studies about the Native American Culture have revealed a past that we were not informed of in school.   The more I found out about what really happened the more I realized why some artwork would not be taken lightly by some people.  But that does not stop my fascination or desire to do artwork with the native american theme.  I love to do pictograph style artwork and I love to make paintings of Native Americans on leather.  I stopped doing the pictograph style work – But I still want to do portraits of Native Americans on leather and waiting to find the right way.   While doing artwork I want to feel comfortable with what I am doing and that would mean I need to get permission in some way.  If your a Native American and want a nice portrait of a family member on leather –  I would very much like the to do that.  I invision making a 16 x 20 x 3″ pillow style wall hanging out of leather with a portrait on it.   whoever I paint I want to know its ok by the family members of whom I am painting.   In the past I did not get permission but only out of ignorance.  The more I learned about what actually happened the more I realized that things are not right.  What can be done ? what can make the healing begin ?

I like to use artwork from that great painters and photographers of the past I use their work as under-paintings.   I have learned much about layout and design by doing this.  I am always looking for great images to paint from and I collect them.  One day I will do more paintings of my own.  The Elk on mosquito Creek was from a place near Teton Village this is all created by me.

Artwork By Donald Matteson