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So this is a test to see how and where a “POST” will show up on my wordpress website with DIVI as my page builder and theme.

Currently I am working on my ETSY site and I am going to Join several insta tacks and pinters and such facebooks kind of places.

I will say right up front, I have grammar. Its good to proof read so what I write makes sense.  If what I write is easy to understand and what I write is has only one meaning then it has good grammar.  I really do not know why they must spell words as they do.  A lot of things about our society makes no sense to me.  I think a person has to go to college and get their doctorates degree to understand the full scope of our cultures pathology.  We all have to make up a lot of very important sounding rules so we can justify the pay we receive of something like that.   Below is a video and I am going to see if my sightground website provider will handle videos.