I custom design furniture and lighting. I love the Thomas Molesworth Tradition.   But I can also design and build anything you can dream up. For your home or business or resort or or or whatever !


16 page plans for the Indian Chandelier printed at 15 x 20 Completed By Don Matteson Aug 2019
Photoshop Rendering By Don Mateson Sofa Table / Display Case Made For www.marctaggart.com
Here I used 3D Cad to get the porportions right for the photoshop work
Email: don@wyomingcreations.com or text my cell at 3078994054

I am a professional Photoshop artist and a 3d designer.  I am skilled fabricator and designer.  
Wyoming Creations will provide Photoshop previews for any project.  I make plans in  3d CAD and I can read and export OBJ files. I can read and export DXF files.  I make files for water-jet cutting machines.  I make files for laser cutting machines.   I custom Engineer projects out of  Metal, Wood, Carbon Fiber, Glass and Plastics.  I make parts for for cut on any 2d cutting machine.  I will provide objects in 3d for 3d printing machines.   I provide Photoshop previews for furniture lighting painting projects architectural and interior design. I will create 3d previews with CAD.  I can help you create work areas that increase productivity.  I will also provide accurate patterns on paper up to 40 x 60 inches.  I print temporary posters and signs up to 40″ x  20″  feet.   I am skilled with all popular computer programs. Like excel, quikbooks, word, outlook, photoshop, blender, wordpress, acronis 13 acronis, disk director Clonezilla, spotmau, Macrium, Paragon Drive, Copy, G parted.  I am not at the mercy of my computers.

The artwork below was done by Don Matteson. Often I use other artists work as my under paintings. But here I took these photos and combined them together to create this scene.  I camped  at “mosquito creek near Teton Village in Wyoming for a summer while working doing wood touch up repair for the 4 seasons resort in Jackson Hole.  

This Chair was painted by me for Marc Taggart Company. 

Edward S Curtiss took photos of many Native Americans.  Below I used one of his photos as my under-painting. 

Here, with the permission of Deanna Matteson I used her painting as a under-painting.  Without a doubt the Native American Dancer is the most beautiful thing in the west.  I have done many paintings on deerskin and used other artists layouts just for my own learning. Deanna, my mother taught me all the rules of layout.  When I was at home I watched her paint and helped out with the picture framing. We had a frame shop in our home when I was in 5th grade.    She is a master at layout.  A great portrait is very hard to come by.  She did this layout without the use of Photoshop !


This is a Photoshop Rendering completed by Don Matteson for a Architect in Jackson Hole Wyoming.
A chair completly modeled in 3D can be viewed in any direction

I would say fun and entertaining are a few good words to describe Harry.

Above: This was all put together with Poser and Photoshop

Photoshop Play by Don Matteson
The Ultimate Designs take it all into consideration Let us collaborate make something Awesome !!!