My Etsy Shop has many leather paintings, I do hide paintings, buckskin art, pictograph art, Native American Portraits, Antiqued Leather paintings and I do custom greyscale photo transfers to leather hides .  I make custom maps on leather and custom signs on leather hides.

Located at 1807 Alger avenue and my Phone is 307-899-4054.  I have a lot of leather art at my place so please stop buy! You are welcome to drop by anytime between 11 AM and 6 PM  If I am not here please call, I am not far away maybe even in the back working.  Please bring your pictures of your home or project and we will get them up on a big screen and I will help you make visual previews of your project.  It takes about 30-40 minutes to separate out all the windows and trim and such so the colors can be changed and previewed.  My workstations are in the front of the house with lots of comfortable seating with a large screen monitor.  I charge a 35/hr  for photoshop and Cad previews  Please bring pictures of your home that you took on your phone OR I will come to your place and take pictures. We will come up with previews for painting and or remodeling or additions.  I have what I need to make a 3d model of your home on location. We can utilize google earth to see your home from satellite views.  I will use my 3d laptop and laser measurers to get your home in 3d so we can make previews of your home addition.  I can also obtain a 3d mesh of your land and layout a 3d model of your new home on that mesh.  Nothing simplifies the whole process more than having pictures that you can use to communicate exactly what you want.  I have a 8 ½” color laser and a 42” large format printer.

I make a 3d presentation of home remodeling projects. 2d and 3d Site plans for construction projects. I create picture based work orders for projects so any person can understand them without guesswork. Photoshop previews for house painting projects and furniture re-upholstery. Picture based work orders for house painting projects with photoshop previews.  3d cad previews of your custom architectural projects.
Custom lighting and Chandeliers
Custom signs made of metal
Carbon black transfers to leather
Custom portraits on leather
Graphics mounted and printed
Photo Editing and retouching
Non fade black printed on mylar in reverse for outdoor signs
1807 Alger Avenue – Cody, Wyoming 82414

don@wyomingcreations.com 307-8994054

My business is very computer intensive I have been working with IBM computers since near the time  they came out in 1988    My business would be impposible for me if I did not know how to maintain my own systems.   I have learned good practices over the years to keep my systems running great all the time. Hard drive imaging and cloning have saved me countless hours.  If you want to start using  3d modeling photoshop and cad for your business PLEASE I  have hard won skills I am willing to share.  I have www.donscomputers.com  My primary focus is on hard drive cloning and imaging especially with  Macrium.  My focus on computers has to be narrow and I study unified extensiable interface(UEFI), Globally unique partion tables (GPT) , MBR secure boot and legacy boot.  I am comfortable upgrading any hard drive to a solid state drive.


I thourally enjoyed doing this one ! Jims Article Cirle Hunt storie is especially amazing.  Moose Hunt Story

Vanessa Reiki on White Buckskin 32″ x 38″

A custom portrait I did for Hayden’s Granfather Scott Moore. Scott sat down with me and we laid it all out in photoshop before I started. Hayden graduated HS this year 2023 and will play football for the University of Michigan’s Wolverines College Football team

Above is at Natures Design Taxidermy. ( top of hill by police station) 531 16th St, Cody, WY 82414  It looks much better in person and has been a challenge to get a good picture of it.

I  do Hand Painted Chairs as Shown on the Cowboys and Indians Website

A link to that page is HERE



307-899-4054 please TXT or Voicemail me! THANK YOU !