16 page plans for the Indian Chandelier printed at 15 x 20 Completed By Don Matteson Aug 2019
Photoshop Rendering By Don Mateson Sofa Table / Display Case see For
Here I used 3D Cad to get the porportions right for the photoshop work

The artwork below  “Elk on mosquito creek” was created by  Don Matteson. Often I use other artists work as my under paintings. But here I took these photos and combined them together to create this scene. 

This Chair was painted by me for Marc Taggart Company. 

Edward S Curtiss took photos of many Native Americans.  Below I used one of his photos as my under-painting. 

Here, with the permission of Deanna Matteson I used her painting as a under-painting.  Without a doubt the Native American Dancer is the most beautiful thing in the west.  I have done many paintings on deerskin and used other artists layouts just for my own learning. Deanna, my mother taught me all the rules of layout.  When I was at home I watched her paint and helped out with the picture framing. We had a frame shop in our home when I was in 5th grade.    She is a master at layout.  A great portrait is very hard to come by.  She did this layout without the use of Photoshop !


This is a Photoshop Rendering completed by Don Matteson for a Architect in Jackson Hole Wyoming.
A 3D model that can be viewed in any direction.

I would say fun and entertaining are a few good words to describe Harry.

Above: This was all put together with Poser and Photoshop

Photoshop Play by Don Matteson
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I model your body in 3d then we try out tattoos – we see how they will look, and we see if you like it.  Then I provide you with a tattoo transfer with a methyl violet ink transfer with a 24” large format printer.   You will be giving everything you need to get the tattoo of your dreams.   You will be provided with a full printout of a transfer with full size printouts for your tattoo artist to go by.  I also prove complete instructions plus a premixed set of inks for the job – If your tattoo artists requests them.    txtme3078994054

  Photoshop previews for furniture, lighting, painting projects, architectural and interior design.
Metal and Wood Sign designs in photoshop and in 3d
Photoshop previews of tattoos and tattoo cover-ups
Prototype building
1/64th” accuracy – Printed Patterns for your projects  40.55 × 57.32
Large Format printing 42” x 110” on paper
File creation for cutting machines that cut glass, metal or fabric
Mock build in 3d and create printed plans for fabrication
Photos realistic renderings in 3d
Bulk image formatting for websites
Custom Graphics for websites

Don Matteson:  Freelance Design in photoshop and 3d Cad
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The Ultimate Designs take it all into consideration.