“Awake” 2014    Splash Art     These paintings are just a great way to relax and enjoy seeing the unexpected.   I love having this painting in my home.    I will make one for you in the colors that match you decor.    Send Pictures !  my email is don@wyomingcreations.com   Its $225  down and  $60  for each one I do until you get one you really love.  I also like to do paintings on deerskin.  I am in the process of getting my new method working.    I am no longer going to paint Native American themes unless you yourself are a Native American want one of your own person or your family member.   I am going to do portraits similar to these  on deerskin or leather of people with their Horses hotrods and motorcycles.    If you have a really great picture I will consider doing pro bono work so i have some great examples.

don@wyomingcreations.com 3-0-7– 8-9-9–4-0-5-4