Wyoming Creations

This website has a future.  Right now it was ruffed together like  I used lag screws and a chain saw.  I got it done though.    When viewing these image galleries  you may need to click “previous image” to see all of the images in the gallery.

I am a Photoshop artist 3d Artist and I also paint and draw.  Click Here to see some of my Artwork on deerskin.  Also Here Are some examples of Photoshop work that I have completed. And   here is some work I did using 3-D Programs. I have experience with 3d studio Max Blender Autocad and my new favorite is Rhinoceros.  The Following link shows some things I have Made    I love to plan out projects and make them.   I love to have a program available to figure out angles and such and maybe one day I will get paid large sums of money to make prototypes.

  I re-install operating systems and say goodbye to slow virus ridden computers.  Then I clone drives to a second hard drive that can be used to plug into my computer in pinch and keep working.  For instance when some programmer thinks its time for me to buy something new and puts a kibosh in my workflow by wrecking my OS so it will not work correctly with my old software and they want me to needlessly buy new,   Well this is a method to cope with this.

   I will be glad to come into your business and train your employees on hard drive imaging and cloning.    Here are some images that show my interests in computers.  So you too do not have to be victim to the games that are being played –   on the small business owner.

Lastly I like to study Indigenous Cultures there belief systems and their rituals.  I loved my psychology classes in college.   I enjoy reading about all the different religions in the world.  I would call my self a Christian who loves the the Yogi.   I like the Deepak Chopra book called The seven spiritual laws of success.   A few other books I cherish are PRIMAL LEADERSHIP by Ronald Goleman published by Harvard Business  School  press  and   IRON JOHN a book about Men  by Robert Bly.    I like to do research on  wavelengths and energy forms amd   the electromagnetic spectrum.

Later  I will have a link here to my work history resume.

What is to become of this website www.wyomingcreations.com   I have a page just for that.   Click on the artwork and leave your comments.